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This article is about the season. You may be looking for the digital download release.

"This is the life!"
-The Fat Controller, Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday

The fifth season of the television series aired in 1998 and had twenty-six episodes narrated by Michael Angelis in the UK and Alec Baldwin in the US.


  1. Cranky Bugs - Cranky causes trouble for Thomas and Percy.
  2. Horrid Lorry - Three horrid lorries start taking over the engines' work.
  3. A Better View for Gordon - Gordon complains about the plainness of Kirk Ronan station.
  4. Lady Hatt's Birthday Party - The Fat Controller urgently needs to get to Lady Hatt's birthday party.
  5. James and the Trouble with Trees - James is careless around some trees.
  6. Gordon and the Gremlin - "Gremlins" start causing problems for Gordon when Dowager Hatt visits.
  7. Bye George! - George causes grief for Rheneas, Skarloey, Percy, Thomas, Duck, and Gordon.
  8. Baa! - Percy meets a ram, who manages to help out when a station is trashed.
  9. Put Upon Percy - Percy complains that he is overworked and gets into a predicament in the mines.
  10. Toby and the Flood - Toby gets in a dangerous position when a dam bursts.
  11. Haunted Henry - Henry gets spooked on an old line.
  12. Double Teething Troubles - Derek, a malfunctioning diesel, causes more trouble than he is worth for Bill and Ben.
  13. Stepney Gets Lost - Stepney gets lost on the way home.
  14. Toby's Discovery - Toby goes exploring and makes several odd discoveries.
  15. Something in the Air - Henry ignores Thomas' warning about a dangerous line.
  16. Thomas, Percy and Old Slowcoach - Thomas and Percy save an old coach from scrap, thanks to fire.
  17. Thomas and the Rumours/Thomas and the Rumors - When Harold is chosen to take a special visitor around Sodor, the engines fear they will be replaced.
  18. Oliver's Find - Oliver makes an amazing find on an old branch line whilst taking the mail.
  19. Happy Ever After - Percy makes a "good luck package" for Mrs. Kyndley's daughter's wedding.
  20. Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday - The Fat Controller goes on holiday, with disastrous results.
  21. A Surprise for Percy/A Big Surprise for Percy- Percy moans about his work in the mines, but he is headed for a surprise.
  22. Make Someone Happy - James tries to think of others and takes Mrs. Kyndley on a "mystery tour".
  23. Busy Going Backwards - Toad wants to go forwards for a change, but only goes for a wild ride.
  24. Duncan Gets Spooked - Rusty tells Duncan a ghost story to make him eat his own words.
  25. Rusty and the Boulder - Thumper causes chaos when he dislodges a boulder.
  26. Snow - Rusty tells Thomas about snow and how Skarloey managed to survive it.



Characters introduced


  • This was the first season of several things:
    • The first season not to have any episodes based on Railway Series stories by Wilbert and Christopher Awdry.
    • The first season to introduce non-Awdry characters.
    • Alec Baldwin's first season as narrator.
    • The first season not to air on Shining Time Station due to the show ending.
    • The first season to use a Proteus 2000 to compose the music.
    • The first season not dubbed in Finnish or Ukrainian.
  • According to an interview with David Mitton before his death in 2008, this season was supposed to be a showcase of Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
  • This was also the final season of several things:
    • Britt Allcroft's final season as writer and producer.
    • Angus Wright's last season as executive producer.
    • The last season shown on Cartoon Network UK, besides syndicated episodes that would still be shown on the channel until 2001.
    • The last season filmed completely in 4:3 full screen.
    • The last season of the Classic Series dubbed and shown in Spain.
  • This was also the only season of several things:
    • The only season not to have Knapford Station as a destination.
    • The only season to have Kirk Ronan as a destination.
    • The only season that Diesel does not appear in since his debut, though he does appear in a music video from this season.
    • David Maidment's only season as railway consultant and writer.
    • The only season where Donald appears, but not Douglas.
  • Michael Angelis was not credited in the opening titles for the UK narration. However, he is credited as narrator in the Hindi narration, even though it was redubbed.
  • Starting with this season up to Season 12, the brake sound effect from the 1964 film, The Train would be used when an engine puts on the brakes.
  • Thomas and the Rumours and Duncan Gets Spooked were the only episodes seen on VHS before broadcasting to television in the United Kingdom.

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