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“Even buses need special supplies!”

Fetching Freight is a magazine story.


Thomas is very excited to be at the big harbour collecting building materials for a new factory near Wellsworth. Thomas sets off proudly with his load and meets Bertie at a level crossing. Thomas hopes that Bertie will see his very special load of freight. Bertie calls out to tell Thomas that he is full of passengers and Thomas is only carrying freight. Thomas reminds Bertie that freight is very important indeed.

The next morning, Thomas is pulling a load of slate from the quarry when he has to stop at a signal. Just then, Bertie pulls up at a nearby bus-stop. He cheekily remarks that Thomas is still carrying dull freight and drives off. Soon, the signal drops and Thomas puffs on his way again.

As Thomas approaches the next station, he slows down and sees Bertie in the lane. He is stopped with his bonnet open and all of his passengers gathered around. Bertie tells Thomas that he has broken down. Thomas rolls into a siding to have his trucks uncoupled. A lorry arrives to tow Bertie back to the depot.

The stationmaster rings the Fat Controller who sends Daisy to collect Bertie's stranded passengers. Back at the bus depot, Bertie's motor needs a new part. The mechanic does not have the part and has to order it from a depot on the Mainland. The new part is sent urgently by sea.

The next day, Thomas goes to the harbour to collect Bertie's new part. Thanks to Thomas' help, Bertie is soon repaired. Bertie has to admit that, without freight, he would not be able to go back to work. Now, he realises that even buses sometimes need urgent supplies.