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"You don't know the rules!"
— Fergus to Diesel
Fergus Breaks the Rules/
Thomas and the Search for Fergus

David Mitton


Phil Fehrle


Jan Page


Michael Angelis
Michael Brandon

Air date

October 29th,
2003 (UK)
March 3rd,
2004 (US)
November 4th,
2004 (AUS)

Previous episode

Peace and Quiet

Next episode

Bulgy Rides Again

Fergus Breaks the Rules, retitled Thomas and the Search for Fergus in American releases, is the eighteenth episode of seventh season.


The Fat Controller has brought Diesel to help out at the Cement Works for a while. However, Diesel becomes annoyed with Fergus. Later on, Diesel lies to Fergus about the Fat Controller senting him to work at the scrapyards. When Fergus arrives, 'Arry and Bert frighten the traction engine and he runs away. The Fat Controller receives a call that Fergus is missing. So, he sents Thomas to search for him. He finds Fergus hiding in a siding and takes him to the smelters yards where the Fat Controller is waiting. In the end, Fergus goes back to work at the Cement Works, and Diesel is transferred to the smelters yards.




  • Stock footage from Bill, Ben and Fergus is used.
  • Some US releases call this episode Fergus Breaks the Rules despite the title change.
  • This episode might of been filmed alongside Bill, Ben and Fergus, despite the first shot contains Thomas and Fergus puffing down the line, as soon as Thomas is out of sight, the shot looks identical to the first shot of Bill, Ben and Fergus.
  • Scrap models of James, Gordon, Toad, and Donald or Douglas are seen.
  • For some reason, 'Arry and Bert are referred to as the "scrap diesels."
  • This episode marks Fergus' last appearance to date.


  • Diesel says "Don't interfere!" after Fergus scolded him, but the closed captioning in the US home video release has him saying "Darn it to fear!"
  • When the narrator says, "And for the first time Fergus broke the rules", the track bounces up after Fergus passes over it.
  • When Thomas and Fergus arrive at the smelters, Thomas' eyes look wonky.
  • Brakevans should have been added to Percy and Fergus' trains.
  • Just before 'Arry and Bert come into view, a crew member's hand can be seen holding them back and then releasing them.
  • When Fergus arrives at the Smelters and escapes, his lamp is on his right side. When he hides in the siding, his lamp is on his left side.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファーガスときそく Fergus and the Rules
Danish Fergus stikker af Fergus Escapes
Hungarian Fergus megszegi a nagyon szigorú szabály Fergus is in Breach of the Very Strict Rule
Welsh Fergus dianc Fergus Escapes



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