Fast Train, Slow Train is a book.


James and Edward are going to Ballahoo. Then James announces that he wants a race. As James races on, he ignores a cow looking for her calf. Edward notices this and stops to help the calf gets to his mother. Then James passes Percy who is stuck on the tracks due to a fallen branch. James ignores him and chuffs on, while Edward helps Percy. James passes Bertie who has run out of gas. James ignores him as well and chuffs on, while Edward takes Bertie's passengers to the nearest station. Then James stops and admires his reflection on the water. Edward passes by and wins the race.




  • Percy's driver and fireman are nowhere to be seen.
  • Percy's side rods are connected to his guide bars and not his crosshead.
  • Percy's coal bunker is green.
  • The title refers to Edward and James as trains, but they are engines.
  • The words in the book say that James was in last despite Thomas being in the race.


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