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The McColl Field, also known as Farmer McColl's Field, is a large field located opposite to the McColl Farm, just like the farm, the field is also owned and operated by Farmer McColl, and is also situated on Thomas' Branch Line, between Toryreck and Elsbridge.

Once, Thomas ignored a "men-at-work" sign and chuffed too fast on the bumpy tracks that were under repair, the trucks he was carrying bounced off the rails and landed into the field, a "storytime picnic in the sun" was then held, as the scene of the books lying everywhere was a good sight to the children. The field was also the location for Sir Topham Hatt's winter holiday party in Henry's Magic Box. Sheep and cattle can occasionally be found grazing in the field, during the planting season, special seeds are planted in the field and a scarecrow is kept to scare away all the crows from eating the seeds. In the 2007 magazine story, The Lost Spring, Farmer McColl said there was an underground spring located somewhere beneath his field, Ben later unearthed it by accident and it provided enough water for Farmer McColl's crops throughout the bad heatwave.


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