“You're no fool, Farmer Collett!”
Henry, The Scarecrow Competition!

Farmer Collett is a farmer who regularly appears in the magazines. He is good friends with Jem Cole and owns a bull named Lord Harry, several horses and other animals. He and his wife own a farm, a red tractor and a green tractor.


He is old-fashioned and often remembers the "good old days". He regularly travels to the village on one of his horses along a bridleway. The bridleway was split in two when Thomas' Branch Line was constructed. This was later solved when the Fat Controller purchased a cheap scrap turntable from the Mainland to be made into a bridge to cross Thomas' line.

Farmer Collett once decorated an old oil tank to make it look like Thomas in an effort to get a rare bluebird to move out of Thomas' funnel. The trick worked and the bluebird now happily resides in a chimney pot on the old oil tank. Thomas named the oil tank, Bluebird. After drawing the face on the oil tank, Thomas remarks that Farmer Collett is a good artist as well as a farmer.

One winter, Farmer Collett's sheep escaped and ended up at the engine sheds, searching for food. Percy soon returned them.

He once got stuck in a ford with his horse and cart and two boxes of plums. Terence had to come to his rescue.

He once broke his foot at Gallow's End and was found by a rescue team and their dog, Lucky Charm. He was then airlifted to hospital in Harold.

Farmer Collett has worked as a gardener at Dingley Hall where he cut some bushes into the shapes of animals which scared the engines.


Magazine Stories

Farmer Collett also appeared in the magazine stories, Reindeer Cheer!, Animal Antics!, Bulgy's Bridge, Sodor's Strong Man, Spotty Spencer, Station Mystery and Thomas Blew his Whistle.