“I'm not sorry I work at the quarry now!”

Famous Find is a magazine story.


Toby has been to the works for a service. On his way back to the quarry line, he passes Rosie who has some bright balloons tied to her. Rosie explains that she is pulling a birthday special and her carriage is full of children that are enjoying a ride on a special party train. The children wave to Toby and the old steam tram clatters on his way.

Before long, Toby has to stop at a signal. Emily pulls up alongside and her carriages are full of people in fancy dress. Emily explains that she is taking them to an olden-day banquet at Lord Callan's castle. The signal changes and Toby steams away. He feels rather upset because all the other engines have much more exciting jobs than he does.

At last, Toby arrives at the quarry where his truck is loaded with rocks. Soon, Toby's truck is full, but he is so busy daydreaming about parties that he carelessly slips his brake and moves away before his driver is ready. Startled, Toby pulls up suddenly and a big piece of rock falls out of his truck. The rock crashes to the ground and splits in two. Toby is sorry, but a quarry worker spots a fossil in the rock. Toby looks and sees what looks like a fish in the rock. Toby's driver says the fossil could be millions of years old and they should take it to the Sodor Museum for the curator to have a look at it.

A few days later, Toby takes the Mayor, the Fat Controller and a lot of other visitors to the museum in Henrietta. Everyone wants a chance to see Toby's important discovery. The fish fossil has been put on display and even a reporter and a photographer from the local newspaper is there. Toby is not sorry he works at the quarry now.



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