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Explore the Rails is an interactive and STEM-based Thomas and Friends themed exhibit touring different US and Canadian children museums. Visitors will have the chance to explore Thomas' cab, learn about Thomas and Friends history, and role-play as railway staff. One of Thomas' television series models, as well as one of Emily's and Diesel's, are on display at the exhibit.


  • Climb inside Thomas' cab to explore his inner workings
  • Remove and replace parts to fix Percy's wobbly wheel, buffers, funnel, and lamp
  • Fill Percy with coal and water so he can deliver the mail
  • Suit up as the conductor and sell tickets to ride the train
  • Load and sort luggage and freight into train cars
  • Explore the history of Thomas and Friends through books, television series clips including clips from Shining Time Station episodes, and toys
  • Plan and build navigation routes to favorite destinations on the gigantic Wooden Railway replica of the Island of Sodor

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