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This article is about the mountain engine. You may be looking for the DJ.
"Alaric and Eric are seven and eight, they're nice quiet engines."
— Ernest and Wilfred, Danger Points, Mountain Engines


  • Number: CFR 8
  • Builder: Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works
  • Built: 1962
  • Gauge: 2ft 7 1⁄2in
  • Configuration: 0-4-2RT
  • Arrived on Sodor: August 1962

Eric is a mountain engine on the Culdee Fell Railway. Like most of the other mountain engines, he has his own coach used for passenger services.


Eric was the last engine to be ordered by the Culdee Fell Railway and he was built at the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works in Winterthur, Switzerland, in 1962 to a "super-heat" design. He arrived on Sodor in time to help ease the strain of the last two months of the season.

Eric later was mentioned in a conversation between Culdee, Wilfred, and Ernest. According to them, Eric is "nice and quiet".


Eric is based on Eryri, an engine who worked on the Snowdon Mountain Railway. Eryri was withdrawn in 1992 and is unlikely to return to service.


Eric is painted purple with orange lining. The number "8" is painted on the sides and back of his cab in yellow and he has red nameplates, with his name in gold, on the sides of his tanks.


Railway Series

Eric was also mentioned in The Railway Series: Surprise Packet.


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