This article is about the US DVD. You may be looking for the annual story or the UK DVD.

Engines to the Rescue is a Walmart exclusive US DVD containing five episodes from the seventeenth season. It was combined with the US release of Tale of the Brave.


Fizzling fireboxes...there's mayhem on the main line and it's up to Thomas and his friends to race to the rescue! Flynn finds out you can never have too many fire engines, as Bill and Ben play tricks on speedy Connor. James' spooky story has Stephen and Percy rattling their rails, while Thomas has a hard time believing Charlie's jumbo tale. Bad coal won't keep Henry and Hiro from puffing along to save the day. Full steam ahead for fun with these engine heroes!


  1. Too Many Fire Engines
  2. The Phantom Express
  3. Bill or Ben?
  4. Henry's Hero
  5. Not Now, Charlie!

Bonus Features


  • This is the first DVD to be distributed by Universal.
  • This DVD was available on both September 9th (with a Digital HD code for "Tale of the Brave") and September 16th (with the "Tale of the Brave" DVD).
  • The music videos Hey Hey Thomas! and Working Together Again are slowed down to 23.976fps.


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