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This article is about 'the DVD'. You may be looking for 'the annual story or the United States DVD'.

Engines to the Rescue is a UK/AUS VHS/DVD featuring seven seventh season episodes and one sixth season episode. It was released under the title Machines Save the Day for Welsh audiences.



Thomas and Friends are back with 8 exciting new episodes never seen before on video/DVD. Join Thomas, Gordon, Harold, Spencer, Skarloey, Peter Sam, Arthur, Percy, and the Fat Controller for more rescue-packed adventures on the Island of Sodor. Included on this video/DVD are:


  1. Gordon and Spencer - The Duke and Duchess come to the island with their own private engine Spencer.
  2. Harold and the Flying Horse - All the engines are getting ready for the vicar's fete, but Harold the Helicopter is feeling left out as he is on rescue duty and can't help.
  3. The Grand Opening - A new scenic line is opening on the island and the Fat Controller has told Skarloey off for always being late.
  4. It's Only Snow - It's winter and Thomas has a big Yule tree as a special delivery for the village, but his snowplough breaks.
  5. The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop - The refreshment lady want to open a new tea shop, but she can't decide where to have the shop.
  6. Trusty Rusty - Rusty discovers a bridge that needs to be mended and warns all the other engines, but Duncan doesn't want to listen.
  7. Salty's Stormy Tale - Salty is upset when Thomas and Percy makes fun of him, but when the lighthouse lamp goes out in a storm, Salty saves the day with an idea that fixes the lamp.
  8. Something Fishy* - Arthur wants to work on the new route to the fishing village, but is to shy to ask. Thomas is asked to go take the fish to the docks. He runs into some soggy trouble on the way but help is at hand.

* Followed by Rubbadubbers episode on VHS

Bonus Features

  • Know Your Engines Quiz
  • Day Out with Thomas preview
  • "Rubbadubbers" episode "Train Driver Tubb"


  • The episode selection plays Emily's theme taken from The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop and the beginning of The Grand Opening is played as well. The extras selection also plays Spencer's theme.
  • This is the first DVD in Australia to feature episodes in widescreen.

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