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“I'll do what you say, Queen Emily.”

Emily Knows Best is the seventeenth episode of the ninth season.


Emily takes visitors to the ruined castle, where a queen once lived. Emily wishes to be a queen, as queens tell everyone what to do. She decides to visit Toby and Percy in the shunting yard, just down the line from the castle whilst waiting for the visitors to explore the castle.

Toby and Percy are waiting to take away some trucks, and Emily decides to play a game by being "Queen for the Day." But, Toby thinks that Emily's idea is silly, as she needs to be clever and know the right thing to do. Emily said she always knows what to do, but Toby laughs at her and mad Emily cross wanting to prove Toby that she knows best. Before leaving with his trucks, Toby tells Percy, if he needs help, to wait until he comes back. Not long after Toby departs, Percy is struggling to move his line of trucks. This gives Emily the perfect chance to prove that she knows best; she tells Percy to take his trucks along her track, which he does. However, Emily soon hears a crash in the distance and goes to investigate.

Emily realises that by telling Percy to go on her track, he had crashed into Mavis who was on the same line and the trucks knocked over a telegraph pole on the line. Then Toby runs into the wreckage too, and Emily knows that she is not as clever as she thought. With Toby's advice, Emily gets the stationmaster at Maithwaite to call for help. Soon, Percy and Toby are back on the rails, though Toby's front cowcatcher is badly damaged. The Fat Controller is very cross with Emily for causing trouble, but Emily has learned her lesson; from now on, she will leave the "knowing the right thing" job to Toby.





  • Mavis is nowhere to be seen when Toby and Percy are back on the rails.
  • Because stock footage is used, the Sodor Suspension Bridge is rusty.
  • When Percy starts again to push his trucks along Emily's track, Emily's driver and fireman are not in her cab.
  • When Emily is thinking to herself, her eyes are wonky.


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