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This article is about the Story Library book. You may be looking for the engine or the song.

Emily is the twenty-fifth book in the My Thomas Story Library series.


Emily comes to Sodor and gets to know Thomas, but Thomas soon takes a sudden dislike after Emily takes Annie and Clarabel. After saving both Thomas and Oliver from a crash, however, Emily soon makes new friends. Later, Emily takes the Black Loch run and finds it rather scary after hearing a story of a monster, but she finds out that the monster of Black Loch turns out to be a family of seals.



  • This book is based on the seventh season episode, Emily's New Coaches and the eighth season episode Emily's New Route.
  • This once came free with a Thomas Magazine.
  • In 2015, this book (along with five others) was sold as a website-exclusive book pack with a Wooden Railway Emily, except the other books were sold with the engines the books were named after.
  • On the front cover of some editions, Emily appears to have pink lips like she's wearing lipstick.


  • In one of the last illustrations, Thomas' wheels are the same size as Gordon's drive wheels.
  • Edward is depicted with a 2-6-0 wheel arrangement.


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