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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story.
"I'm sorry I was rude, but can you help me get this timber to Farmer McColl's? Please? It's to help the baby calves."
"Why certainly! I'll get your track cleared in no time!
— Emily being kind to Elizabeth

Emily's Adventure is the twentieth episode of the eighth season.


One evening, a fierce storm sweeps across the Island of Sodor and causes a lot of damage. The following morning, Farmer McColl examines his cow barn to discover that the roof has blown off. So he telephones the Fat Controller, who sends Emily to collect timber to repair the barn.

On her way to Farmer McColl's, Emily has to stop due to a fallen tree. Trevor tries his best to pull it out of the way, but Emily thinks he is going too slowly so she bosses him about, telling him to do his job quicker and blowing her whistle at him. Trevor moves the tree out of the way, but Emily, being impatient, doesn't say "thank you" at all and instead says "About time!". Emily remains persistent with her attitude when she sees workmen clearing the tracks further down the line.

Further on down the line, Emily stops again as a water tower is blocking her line. Elizabeth is trying her best to move it, but once again, Emily is impatient, loudly whistles and bossing Elizabeth about. But Elizabeth stands her ground, refusing to take such orders from Emily. Soon, Thomas arrives in the opposite direction, and tells Emily to ask more nicely. Realising that her bossiness isn't going to help her at all, Emily apologises and asks Elizabeth very nicely to clear the tracks, which she does. Once the water tower is clear of the tracks, Emily says "thank you" to Elizabeth, and then later to Harvey; and gets to Farmer McColl's just in time.

Once the barn's roof is mended, the cows and the calves rest in the soft hay and Farmer McColl thanks Emily for helping him. Emily now knows it is best to say "please" and "thank you" whenever she does a job.





  • When Trevor tries to clear the fallen tree, there is string attached behind him.
  • When Elizabeth tries to push the water tower out of Emily's way, one of the planks underneath her front left wheel bounces up and down.
  • In some close-ups of Elizabeth, the eye mechanism is visible in her cab.
  • Butch is seen at Dryaw Station, but he was somehow seen when Emily was approaching Elizabeth pushing the falling Water Tower.
  • In a rare picture, it is night in the scene where Emily is being sarcastic to Trevor.
  • When Farmer McColl thanks Emily, her right (viewers' perspective left) eye is wonky.
  • In a close-up of Emily's whistle, two wires can be seen reflected in her right cab window.
  • Elizabeth does not have the sounds of a steam-powered vehicle, instead sounding like a conventional petrol-driven engine.
  • Emily's eyes are wonky when Farmer McColl thanks her.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Danish Emilys Lærestreg Emily's Lesson
Swedish Emilys Äventyr Emily's Adventure
Norwegian Emilys Eventyr Emily's Adventure
French Emily et Les Veaux / Le Voyage d'Emily (Québec) Emily and the Calves / Emily's Journey (Canada)
Brazilian Portuguese A Aventura de Emily Emily's Adventure
Spanish La Aventura de Emily Emily's Adventure
Dutch Het Avontuur van Emily The Adventure of Emily
German Nettigkeit Siegt Niceness Wins
Catalan El Victòria d'Emily Emily's Victory
Czech Emilyno Dobrodružství Emily's Adventure
Polish Przygoda Emilki Emily's Adventure
Croatian Emina Avantura Emily's Adventure
Slovak Emiliine Dobrodružstvo Emily's Adventure
Italian L'avventura di Emily Emily's Adventure
Hungarian Emily Kalandja Emily's Adventure
Finnish Emilian Seikkailu Emily's Adventure
Romanian Aventura lui Emily Emily's Adventure
Gaelic Oighrig Agus na Laoigh Emily and the Calves
Japanese エミリーのぼうけん The Adventures of Emily
Chinese 艾蜜莉的冒险 Emily's Adventure
Korean 부탁은 공손하게 Politely Ask The
Greek νίκες λεπτότητα Niceness Wins
Russian Приключение Эмили Emily's Adventure
Thai เอมิลี่ขอร้อง Emily Asked

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