“I haven't time to talk to smelly old Diesels, I'm on a special mission!”
―Emily to Diesel

Emily's Present is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Emily is on her way to pick up some new coaches for Gordon when Diesel catches up with her. Emily is rather rude and tells Diesel that she does not have time to talk to smelly diesels. Diesel is very cross and races to the yards and takes Gordon's new coaches. When Emily finds out, she chases Diesel around the island in a panic. Diesel knows lots of tricks and Emily is just about to give up when she spots Diesel. Smoke is billowing everywhere and Diesel tells her that his engine has worn out after all the rushing around.

When Emily arrives at the station with Gordon's coaches, she talks to the Fat Controller. She wants to give Diesel a present. The Fat Controller thinks it is a good idea and Emily rushes away to fetch it.

When the Fat Controller presents Gordon with his new coaches, Emily apologises for being rude to Diesel and presents him with a new motor. Then everyone cries "hooray" for Diesel and Emily.