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Elsbridge is a village on Thomas' Branch Line in the Els Valley with a population of 500. The nearby River Els flows underneath a bridge and enters the Sudrian Sea at Knapford.

At one time, Elsbridge was the top station of the Knapford and Elsbridge Light Railway. After the opening of Anopha Quarry in 1924, the line was extended to Ffarquhar. The station is often referred to as "the station by the river". There is a cricket field by the station.

In the television series, Elsbridge serves as the junction between Thomas' branch line and the loop line that runs from Tidmouth to east of Crosby. The station has a large overhead footbridge. There is a small yard, which has an engine shed and a carriage shed. It appeared in the first through fourth seasons. It was also mentioned over the Knapford Station speaker in the nineteenth season episode, Wild Water Rescue and seen on a signpost in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.




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