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The eighteenth season of Thomas & Friends first premiered on DVD in April 2014 in the US before airing on TV. It began airing on 25 August 2014 in the UK and on November 4th, 2014 in the US. It contained twenty-six episodes. Like the seventeenth season, six episodes were released on DVD in the US before airing on television. It concluded in the UK on 31 July 2015.


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OldReliableEdwardpromo Old Reliable Edward Andrew Brenner 25th August 2014 #01
Gordon teases Edward about being old and slow.
NotSoSlowCoachespromo Not So Slow Coaches Paul Larson
Laura Beaumont
26th August 2014 #02
Annie and Clarabel unexpectedly become part of Caitlin's high-speed train.
FlatbedsofFearpromo Flatbeds of Fear Paul Larson
Laura Beaumont
27th August 2014 #03
Salty tells Thomas a story of some flatbeds which he called the "Flatbeds of Fear."
DisappearingDieselspromo Disappearing Diesels Andrew Brenner 28th August 2014 #04
The diesels hide from Paxton as a joke, but Paxton takes the joke too seriously.
SignalsCrossedpromo Signals Crossed Nick Ostler
Mark Huckerby
29th August 2014 #05
Toby is nervous of Knapford Junction, as he does not know which signal is his. 
Toad'sAdventurepromo Toad's Adventure Nick Ostler
Mark Huckerby
1st September 2014 #06
Toad has his own adventure on the main line with James.
DuckintheWaterpromo Duck in the Water Andrew Brenner 2nd September 2014 #07
James is sent to rescue Duck with Rocky from some flood waters.
DuckandtheSlipCoachespromo Duck and the Slip Coaches Nick Ostler
Mark Huckerby
3rd September 2014 #08
James steals Duck's idea of bringing special slip coaches to the railway.
ThomastheQuarryEnginepromo Thomas the Quarry Engine Andrew Brenner 4th September 2014 #09
Diesel shows Mavis the sights of Sodor, while Thomas does all the work at the quarry.
ThomasandtheEmergencyCablepromo Thomas and the Emergency Cable Andrew Brenner 5th September 2014 #10
One of Thomas' passengers pulls the emergency cable and damages Annie's wheel.
DuncanandtheGrumpyPassengerpromo Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger Davey Moore 8th September 2014 #11
Duncan gets fed up with a particularly grumpy passenger.
MarionandthePipepromo Marion and the Pipe Nick Ostler
Mark Huckerby
9th September 2014 #12
Marion damages a water pipe and doesn't tell anyone.
MissingGatorpromo Missing Gator Andrew Brenner 10th September 2014 #13
Percy misses his friend Gator and struggles to forget about him.
NoSteamWithoutCoalpromo No Steam Without Coal Davey Moore 11th September 2014 #14
Bill and Ben forget the coal shipment and make fun of Timothy for using oil instead.
Spencer'sVIPpromo Spencer's VIP Andrew Brenner 12th September 2014 #15
All the engines compete to get to take a Deputy Minister home to the mainland.
Toad'sBrightIdeapromo Toad's Bright Idea Davey Moore 15th September 2014 #16
Oliver breaks down, so Gator is sent to take his train with Toad.
LongLostFriendpromo Long Lost Friend Nick Ostler
Mark Huckerby
23rd December 2014 #17
Gator returns to the island for Christmas and is very eager to see Percy.
LastTrainforChristmaspromo Last Train for Christmas Andrew Brenner 24th December 2014 #18
All the engines have to work hard to clear the snow for Connor's last train.
DuncantheHumbugpromo Duncan the Humbug Davey Moore 25th December 2014 #19
The Thin Controller makes Duncan promise to be cheerful at Christmas time.
ThePerfectGiftpromo The Perfect Gift Davey Moore 26th December 2014 #20
Percy looks to find Reg the crane the perfect Christmas gift.
EmilySavestheWorldpromo Emily Saves the World Paul Larson
Laura Beaumont
27th July 2015 #21
Emily has to take a giant globe to the animal park.
TimothyandtheRainbowTruckpromo Timothy and the Rainbow Truck
Timothy and the Rainbow Car
Davey Moore 28th July 2015 #22
Bill and Ben send Timothy on a wild goose chase for a rainbow coloured truck. 
MarionandtheDinosaurspromo Marion and the Dinosaurs Andrew Brenner 29th July 2015 #23
Marion is spooked by some lifelike dinosaur models and thinks they are real dinosaurs.
SamsonatYourServicepromo Samson at Your Service Davey Moore 30th July 2015 #24
Samson takes the express coaches by mistake but refuses to listen to the other engines.
SamsonSentforScrappromo Samson Sent for Scrap Nick Ostler
Mark Huckerby
31st July 2015 #25
Harvey and Samson have to clean up the island of scrap.
MillieandtheVolcanopromo Millie and the Volcano Andrew Brenner 31th July 2015 #26
Samson and Harvey laugh at Millie, and she is determined to get them back.



Characters Introduced

Half hour format

When Season 18 aired on PBS in the US, each broadcast airs two episodes, a song & a Mr. Perkin's Railway segment and Guess Who? Puzzles segments. When they were broadcasted on Nick Jr., the segments are omitted.

Fast & Reliable

There’s Always a Good Explanation

Special Friends

Please Be Patient

  • Thomas the Quarry Engine
  • Song: On a Journey Today
  • Mr. Perkins' Railway: Sounds of the Railway
  • Duck in The Water

Signals & Alarms

  • Signals Crossed
  • Song: Hey, Hey Thomas
  • Thomas and the Emergency Cable

Going Underground

Christmas Cheer

  • Duncan The Humbug
  • Song: It's Christmas Time
  • Mr. Perkins' Railway: Who Works on the Railway
  • The Perfect Gift


  • Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger
  • Song: Working Together
  • Mr. Perkins' Railway: Different Sizes
  • Spencer’s VIP

Illuminating Minds

Coming Home for Christmas

  • Last Train for Christmas
  • Song: It's Christmas Time
  • Long Lost Friend

Recycle Recycle Recycle!

  • Timothy and the Rainbow Car
  • Song: Let's Be Brave
  • Mr. Perkins' Railway: Different Engines
  • Samson Sent for Scrap

Jurassic Sodor

  • Marion and the Dinosaurs
  • Song: Monsters Everywhere
  • Mr. Perkins' Railway: How Steam Engines Use Water
  • Millie and the Volcano

Special Deliveries

  • Emily Saves the World
  • Song: Searching Everywhere
  • Mr. Perkins' Railway: Turning Around
  • Samson at Your Service


UK, AUS and NZ

US and CAN


  • The final six episodes of this season were sold to PBS, Milkshake and the ABC as part of the Season 19 block, despite being produced with Season 18.
  • This season marks the first of a few things:
  • This season marked the last of a few things:
    • The last season to have Ben Small and Martin Sherman as part of the voice cast.
    • The last season to have an episode written by Paul Larson and Laura Beaumont. This is also the only season to date, since he returned in the seventeenth season, not to have any episodes written by Lee Pressman.
    • The last season to have Keith Wickham as the voice of Percy in the UK dub. Nigel Pilkington takes over the role starting with the nineteenth season.
    • The last season to have Sir Topham Hatt and James voiced by Kerry Shale in the US. Keith Wickham and Rob Rackstraw took over the respective roles beginning in The Adventure Begins.
    • The final season the New Series intro and credits are used. This is also the final season with the original rendition of the Engine Roll Call. Despite this, a few latest DVD releases which contained Season 19 (with some Season 16 or 18) episodes retain these. When the six episodes from Dinos and Discoveries aired on PBS Kids in May 2016, it used the Season 19 Engine Roll Call, opening and ending.
  • Like the seventeenth season, although Arc Productions had officially taken over the animation aspects of the television series, the episodes still used the opening titles and closing credits made by Nitrogen Studios. This was the final season to use their opening and closing footage and from the nineteenth season, the opening and closing footage were made by Arc Productions.
  • According to Ryan Hagan of SiF, the episodes in Spills and Thrills were going to be part of this season.