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Edward the Hero is a book in the Thomas Story Time range.


At Knapford, Thomas tells Edward that he is to be the rescue engine for the day and will work with Harold. Edward wants to be a hero, but he does not think he would be very good at it and he does not know how to be a hero. Then Gordon roars through with Rocky. Gordon is being strong, fast, and stern, so Edward decides that to be a hero he will need to be strong, fast, and stern too.

As Edward puffs along, he meets a sad-looking Charlie who explains that he has forgotten all his jokes to tell the children. Edward tells Charlie some jokes which makes Charlie giggle. This makes Edward happy, but he then remembers that he had not been strong, fast, or stern.

Further along the line at Maithwaite, Edward spots Dowager Hatt on the playform. The worried Dowager explains that she has sent her luggage to Maron by mistake. Edward races off to fetch it and safely reunites it with Dowager Hatt who calls Edward kind. Edward is upset to be called just kind, he was supposed to be strong, fast, and stern.

Along the line, Edward spies Farmer McColl's sheepdog. Edward edges closer and entices the scared dog into his cab. Edward then takes the dog back to Farmer McColl who calls Edward "gentle". Edward is upset at being called just gentle and not strong, fast, and stern.

When Edward finally arrives at the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre, Harold is not there. Edward concludes that he must have already left as he has not been strong, fast, or stern. Sadly, Edward trundles back to Knapford to tell the Fat Controller that he had not been a hero.

On the way to Knapford, Edward passes Farmer McColl and Charlie. They both shout out the same thing - "Edward the hero"! Edward does not understand. Back at Knapford, Dowager Hatt calls Edward a hero too. Edward explains that he has not been strong, fast, or stern. The Fat Controller tells him that instead, he had been funny, kind, and gentle. He then tells Edward that he is a hero just being himself. This makes Edward beam from buffer-to-buffer.




  • Edward's picture on the cover is skewed.
  • Farmer McColl's dog is referred to as a male.


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