“They say that on Halloween, the ghost engine returns from the smelters looking for his lost (Whoo Whoo [UK Narration]) whistle!”
―Edward, Scaredy Engines, sixth season

The Ghost Engine was referenced in a story Edward told the others one Halloween. Thomas later teased Percy, saying Percy thought it was real, but he learned his lesson after remaining behind at the Smelters to take a special load and thinking that some chains touching his cab were ghostly fingers. He then believed that a whistle in the shed was the ghost's lost whistle, forcing him to race out of the smelters, frightened.


The ghost engine is based on the Caledonian Railway "Mclntosh 812" 0-6-0s. Its model is one of Donald or Douglas' without the tender or nameplate, it also wears one of the twins' surprised face mask. It also once had a tender, considering his/ her basis is a tender engine.



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