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This article is about the magazine story. You may be looking for the episode, the UK DVD, the Italian DVD, or the Philippines DVD.
"I've done it, we're off! I've done it, we're off!"
— Edward

Edward's Exploits is a magazine story.


The visitors were on a tour of the Island of Sodor, and on their last afternoon before the evening train home, Edward is set to take them to meet Bill and Ben. But he found it hard to start the heavy train - with the big engines gives rude remarks on his efforts, but they were told to shut up by Duck, who tells them that Edward is better than any of them. BoCo agrees with Duck that Edward may be old, but he will surprise everyone. Then with a last huge effort, Edward finally puffs out of the station.

Bill and Ben were delighted to see Edward brings the visitors, as they loves being photographed and later that day, the twins takes the party to the china clay works in a 'Brake Van Special' to impress the visitors. Everyone were having a splendid time in the works until it was time for them to get home in Edward's train before sundown. However on his way back, the storm begins to blow and it rains hard. Edward's fireman has to ride in front to drop sand on the rails by hand, as his sanding gear fails. But worse to come - Edward's crank-pins suddenly breaks and he couldn't be able to puff on, as his wheels keeps slipping on the wet rails.

With the help of his crew and the guard, they have loosen the couplings between the coaches and Edward, he is able to move cautiously as he picks up each coupling to move each coach in a steady pace and succeeds. And finally he arrives at the station, battered and weary but unbeaten, just as Henry waits for the visitors with a special train to take them home.

Although the Fat Controller points at the clock in anger, the excited passengers cheers and thanks Edward for his huge effort in taking them back at the exact time. Duck and BoCo saw to it that Gordon and James remains respectfully silent, as Edward feels tired but happy to have bought the visitors back safely.




  • None of the couplings are coloured in.
  • The coaches' chassis and wheels are not coloured in.
  • The platforms at Knapford extend outside of the station's glass roof.


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