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Easy for Edward is a magazine story.


One day, the Fat Controller speaks to Edward and Dennis in the yard. He wants one of them to collect some coal trucks and the other to deliver a wagon. Dennis immediately offers to take the wagon; believing it to be the easier job. Before Edward can protest, Dennis speeds off to a small station with the wagon.

Meanwhile, Edward steams off to Wellsworth where the line of heavy coal trucks were waiting. Edward is soon coupled up and hauling the trucks out of the station. The trucks cause trouble by bouncing around and singing loudly.

Back at the small station, Dennis is pleased to have delivered the wagon so quickly. Just as he is leaving, the stationmaster calls out to him; he has more work for the lazy Diesel. Dennis pretends to not hear and continues out of the station. Before long, Dennis catches up with Edward who is struggling up Gordon's Hill. Two trucks break away from Edward's train and stop just in front of Dennis' buffers. Edward puffs on, oblivious to what had happened. Dennis can not go back and has to push the runaway trucks up the hill and follow Edward back to the yard. Dennis really does need a rest after that.



  • It is said that the trucks roll down the hill and stop just in front of Dennis, but, judging by the illustration, they would have bumped into him.
  • Gordon's Hill does not look like its television series counterpart.
  • Edward's tender's running board is red instead of blue.

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