Dusty Rusty is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


It is a windy day at the Blue Mountain Quarry. The engines are grumbling as it is hard work with all the quarry dust flying about.

The Thin Controller calls the engines together and tells them that they will need to work slowly in order to stay safe. Rusty does not like going slowly. As the engines set back to work, Rusty sets off to clear the tracks. He thinks the faster he goes, the more dust he will get rid off. Unfortunately, he goes too fast around a narrow embankment and has to brake sharply to avoid colliding with Skarloey. Rusty's brakes cause sparks to fly from his wheels. The sparks set alight to the embankment. Skarloey orders Rusty to fetch Flynn. Rusty races to the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre and fetches Flynn who, luckily, knows a shortcut to the quarry.

Flynn soon has the blaze under control as Rusty returns. Rusty notices something; the water has stopped the dust from flying about and this gives him an idea. He tells his plan to Flynn who is happy to help. So, Flynn spends the day damping down the quarry to stop the dust from bothering the little engines.

Later on, the Thin Controller thanks Flynn for his help and tells Rusty he has caused confusion and delay. Rusty apologises and Mr. Percival reminds him that sometimes going slow and steady is the best way to work.



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