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Dustin Comes in First is a Sodor Story Collection book, released with a Wooden Railway set of the same name and in a special book pack.


A big blizzard has hit the Island of Sodor and even with their snowploughs the engines on the railway find it difficult to plough the snow, so Sir Topham Hatt calls in Dustin, a snow removal engine. Dustin does well clearing the snow, but after the snow melts, he is not needed. He tries to find other ways to help out.

When autumn comes, when Dustin tries to shunt apple trucks to the cider mill, the apples spill and are crushed by his fan. He is discouraged and says that he does not want to participate in the charity race that is to take place that day. Dustin returns to his shed and does not intend to come out until winter.

A few minutes later, Thomas arrives at Dustin's shed and tells him that the debris on the track are preventing the race from happening. Dustin clears the tracks to the finish line and is given the first place trophy for the race as a reward.




  • Some of the human characters at the finish line are duplicated.
  • The red lining on Thomas' bunker is missing in some illustrations.

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