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“I know, Sir, my birthday flag. It just might be big enough!”

Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon is the eleventh episode of the twelfth season.


Duncan is disappointed to learn that instead of taking the Percival twins on a special train ride for their birthday, they will be having a ride in the hot air balloon. When Duncan collects the balloon, he is told to go carefully. But when he comes across some bumpy track, the balloon becomes untethered. Duncan slyly bangs into the balloon, causing it to float away. However, when the weather-vane on Mr. Percival's house tears a hole in the balloon, Duncan sees the error of his ways and owns up to Mr. Percival. Duncan collects the balloon repair man, who has little hope of repairing the balloon until Duncan suggests using his birthday flag.




  • The tracks through the narrow gauge shed do not have buffers.
  • In one scene, Peter Sam has Duncan's CGI face.


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