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"The farmer just telephoned. His straw hasn't be delivered, there are sightseers in his field and his sheep haven't arrived at market!"
— Mr. Percival
Duncan Does it All

Steve Asquith


Simon Spencer


Wayne Jackman


Michael Angelis
Michael Brandon

Air date

2008 (UK)
September 20th,
2008 (US)
December 16th,
2007 (Australia)

Previous episode

Percy and the
Left Luggage
Percy and
the Baggage

Next episode

Sir Handel
in Charge

Duncan Does it All is the twenty-first episode of the eleventh season, released on Engines and Escapades.


Duncan wants a change from collecting straw and delights in taking Rusty's passengers sightseeing instead. But he soon bores after having to stop at the ruined castle to let them take photos, so he swaps jobs with Skarloey, but he forgets to leave the coaches for Skarloey. After collecting Skarloey's sheep, he meets Sir Handel at a watertower and offers to collect the merry-go-round for him at the Transfer Yards, but arrives to find Mr. Percival scolding Rusty and Skarloey for muddling everything up. Duncan knows it is his fault and takes the blame. Mr. Percival sends him to sort everything out, and Duncan realizes that maybe doing the same thing does not have to be boring.




  • In Germany, this episode is called "Duncan Takes Over". In the Netherlands, it is titled "Duncan Does Everything". In Norway, the title is "Duncan Arranges it All". In Japan, this episode is called "Leave It to Duncan".


  • The narrator says that Rusty wheeshed, but he is a diesel.
  • Skarloey is wearing Rheneas' happy face when he says "thank you".
  • Skarloey should not have let Duncan do his job since the passengers were left behind.
  • The merry-go-round was not at the Transfer Yards.
  • Brakevans should have been added to Duncan, Skarloey, and Rusty's trains.




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