“Stop rocking and rolling, Duncan! Someone may get hurt.”
―Duncan's driver

Duncan's Rock and Roll is a magazine story.


Duncan loves nothing more than to rock and roll down the line. One day, he rocks and rolls so much that his passengers are being bumped around. Duncan's driver tells the little engine to stop his rocking or someone may get hurt, but naughty Duncan carries on until he rock and rolls right off the rails. Now, everyone is stuck. Rusty cannot rescue them as he is being repaired, but a little boy notices some old rails and sleepers by the embankment which they can use to lever Duncan back onto the track.

All the crew and the passengers assist in levering Duncan back onto the rails again. Duncan feels very bad about what he has done and apologises to everyone. Duncan does not enjoy being levered about and feels so bad about the whole situation that he doesn't do any rocking or rolling for the rest of the week. Unfortunately, Duncan soon forgets all about his accident and the very next week, he's back to his rocking and rolling ways.



  • This story is loosely based on the fourth season episode, Rock 'n' Roll.
  • In the final illustration, readers can colour in Duncan and his train.


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