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Dryaw is a village and station on Thomas' Branch Line.


The village began as a worker village for the staff of A. W. Dry & Co., a company working on reclaiming tidal land from the sea. The hutments built by A. W. Dry for his workpeople behind the first reclamation bank were rebuilt in permanent form as brick or stone cottages when footings became firm enough to support them. These formed the nucleus of a village. As work went on more and more land to the west was drained and settled, mostly in plots of one or two acres. The soil, when leached of salt, proved fertile and now supports prosperous market gardens.

A Heliport belonging to the Coastguard Service is near the east bank of the river.

Dryaw has two railway stations. The old one on the Harbour Line is now a Goods Depot with a staff of two responsible to the Stationmaster of Elsbridge. It is near the village centre, ironically making it better suited for passenger trains. Workmen's trains stop here as do most goods trains, and it is not unknown for Goods Guard s to have a van full of passengers on market days for Elsbridge or Knapford as the case may be. The Passenger station is on the Main Branch, inconveniently away from the village. It is unstaffed, has a good car park, and a service of 7 trains a day each way is provided.

The name is an anagram of "Awdry" - the real back-story to the name - but, in the books, however, it possibly could come from the firm A. W. Dry, or the phrase "dry out", the site of the village being one of the first sections of land to be reclaimed from the sea by the company.

Dryaw appeared in "Thomas and the Evil Diesel" and "Thomas and the Fat Controller's Engines".

In the Television Series

In the television series, Dryaw appeared in almost every season until the switch to CGI, before returning in the seventeenth season. It is depicted as being next to airfield, and consists of two platforms connected by a footbridge, with the western platform having a station building. Since the nineteenth season episode Reds vs. Blues, Dryaw FC has been (inconsistently) located on the eastern side of the station.


The Railway Series

Television Series



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