"Sometimes even an old tree can be really useful!"

Driver's Decorations! is a magazine story.


A large, old, dead tree has fallen onto the tracks, blocking the line. Harvey hurries to the rescue. His driver wants to be as quick as possible as he still has to buy some holly and ivy to use as Christmas decorations in his house. Then Harvey loses steam and they just manage to reach the blocked track before running out of coal. Harvey removes the dead tree from the line and can do nothing but wait until he is given more coal. The driver is anxious; he will never get to the shops before closing time now. Then Harvey directs his driver's attention to the ivy growing on the fallen tree. Also, when the tree had fallen, it had knocked a branch off of another tree which has holly growing on it. The driver then has a brainwave and tells Harvey that he will not have to wait for more coal after all; they can use and burn the old, dead tree trunk instead.


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