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This article is about the British theme park. You may be looking for the US theme park or the Japanese theme park.

Drayton Manor is the home of Thomas Land, the first Thomas & Friends based theme park in Europe. It was opened on 6 March 2008.

In 2009, HiT Entertainment opened an exhibition with some original models from the television series because of the switch to CGI animation. They added small plastic parts between the rolling stock and the engines so that the buffers would not be damaged.


Train rides

A steam-outline narrow gauge railway runs from Knapford station to Tidmouth Hault. It also includes Dryaw and Tidmouth Sheds, where stationary models of Edward, Henry, Gordon, Toby and Rosie are kept. Inside is Harold's Heli-Tours. When Thomas Land was opened, the line was run by Thomas and Percy, using Annie and Clarabel and the red coaches. On July 13th, 2009, Rosie was added to the line. There are also several sidings, with one holding a full-size, sleeping model of James (now has a surprised face and moved to the different position for James and the Red Balloon ride).

Other rides

The other rides are listed below:

Discover Thomas and Friends exhibition



Rolling stock

Humans and Animals




  • In 2014, the park became a filming location for Nativity 3: Dude, Where's my Donkey? Percy with his face removed and Knapford station made a cameo as well.
  • In 2015, the Discover Thomas & Friends exhibition layout was filmed for the 70 Years of Friendship documentary.
  • Thomas gained a CGI face in autumn 2014.
  • In 2015, Percy and Rosie gained CGI faces.
  • The Exhibition storage area includes models of grey and brown cargo vans, a cattle van, a jam tanker, a truck full of tinned cans, Sodor circus vent vans, balloon trucks and Flora's tram coach with a tarpaulin. They even have Edward's happy, clenched and tired face casts.
  • Originally, 'Arry was to have been involved in Diesel's Locomotion Mayhem, but was instead replaced by Dennis.
  • According to the 2015 map of Drayton Manor, Diesel's Locomotion Mayhem is named Diesel's Locomotive Mayhem.
  • Terence's Driving School was originally located at the front of the park, but it was relocated to Farmer McColl's Farm in late 2011/January 2012 from where the Blue Mountain Engines ride now resides. Two monuments were in both places until Blue Mountain Engines was re-designed for the expansion in 2015.
  • Rheneas is depicted as a saddle tank engine in the Blue Mountain Engines ride.
  • One of the other cranes from TUGS is on display.
  • Thomas, Edward and Toby have fake face masks with eyes on them.
  • Some of the models have damaged or missing parts, such as:
    • Thomas is missing his lamp and lamp irons.
    • Thomas did not have coal in his coal bunker between 2009 and 2011.
    • Edward is missing his right lamp iron, brake pipe and whistle.
    • Toby was missing his headlamp.
    • Harvey is missing his hook.
    • Bulgy is missing his front bumper.
    • Terence's plough is broken.
    • Stepney's front coupling came off in 2014.
    • Stepney's chassis wheels were swapped with black wheels.
  • The Maithwaite Station replica presently serves as a staff/dressing room; a railway line (fitted between the Blue Mountain Quarry tunnel and another "faux" tunnel) was added in 2017 to tie-into a "Thomas Land story" for the new James and the Red Balloon ride.



Rides Gallery

Art Concepts

Discover Thomas and Friends Gallery

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