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Mrs. Dowager Hatt is the Fat Controller and Sir Lowham Hatt's mother, Stephen and Bridget Hatt's great-grandmother, and Lady Hatt's mother-in-law. She owns a Dalmatian, which she renamed "Gremlin" after her adventure with Gordon's "gremlins". She is a bit of a thrill-seeker and hates going slow and resting.

During her youth, she used to be a very good opera singer. Though her son does not like hearing it.

In the Driver Perkins segments of the Thomas and the Runaway Kite DVD it is revealed that she also has a parrot named Beaky.

As of the CGI series, Dowager Hatt appears to live near Maithwaite.


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  • In the twelfth season and onwards, her eye colour changed from brown to blue.
  • Her name, Dowager, means someone who is a widow with a noble title. This possibly means that she is widow.


  • ERTL (discontinued)


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