This article is about 'the annual story'. You may be looking for 'the steam engines, the narrow gauge engine, the American title for the second season episode, the 1998 magazine story, the 1999 magazine story or the Story Library book'.
“It's Sir Topham Snowman!”

Donald and Douglas is a 2001 annual story.


Terence is of exceptional use to the railway during the winter months because he can pull the engines out of snowdrifts. But one day, Stepney gets stuck in a place that is too far for Terence to reach on his own, so Donald and Douglas are pressed into action.



  • There are a few things for Donald and Douglas:
    • They are missing their hand rails.
    • They have red running board sides.
    • Their faces are too big.
  • Stepney's buffers are black.


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