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"I'm not a mouse or car, but today, I'm Molly the dolly engine!"
— Molly

Dolly Molly is a magazine story.


Molly is excited as Sir Topham Hatt has asked her to help at the big country fête. Molly worked hard all day hauling tents, tables, chairs, and flags. As a reward, the Fat Controller gives her the job of taking the fête special. Next morning, she was polished and then sets off to collect the passengers. When she returns to take them home, she gets a surprise; a lot of the children have brightly coloured faces. Molly thought it was all good fun and wished she could have her face painted, too. When she returned to the Main Station, Molly hears a car spluttering. A woman steps out of the car and asks Molly for help. Molly tells her to climb aboard and it soon becomes apparent that she is the face-painter from the fête. The face-painter wants to thank Molly and the next day, when she collects more people to take to the fête, the children get a surprise. Molly's face has been painted - just like theirs!



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