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— Diesel

Disgusted Diesels is a magazine story.


Thomas is collecting his faithful carriages, Annie and Clarabel when Devious Diesel sneaks up behind them and gives a loud blast on his air horn. Thomas is so surprised he jerks backwards and bumps into Annie, who, in turn, bumps into Clarabel - sending her bouncing off the rails. The friendly diesels and Sir Topham Hatt saw the incident and Sir Topham quickly scolds Diesel. Soon, Harvey arrives to lift Clarabel back onto the rails. That night, Thomas and Percy discuss how to get their revenge on Diesel. The next day, Thomas tells the friendly diesels about the plan and then goes to the yard and pretends to sleep. Diesel soon oils up and is about to blow his horn to scare Thomas, but Mavis, BoCo, and Salty roll up silently next to Diesel and blast their own horns making Diesel shake in terror!



  • It is said that Thomas tells Percy about Diesel's prank, but Percy is present when Diesel plays his trick.
  • Salty is the same height as BoCo.


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