This article is about 'the magazine story '. You may be looking for 'the second season, the eleventh season episode or the Thai DVD'.
“Oww! I ache from boiler to buffer!”

Dirty Work is a magazine story, illustrated using photographs from the television series.


The Fat Controller's engines love to look their best, but Percy does not get to be shiny and clean often as he is usually given messy jobs to do.

One fine day, the Fat Controller tells his engines that, because of a burst water main, there is not enough water for the engines to wash-down daily. The Fat Controller then tells his engines that they must try and stay clean.

Percy tries to stay clean all day, but it is not easy when he has to pull trains of troublesome coal trucks. As Percy shunts them under the hopper, the trucks pull their engine under the chute. Percy is covered in coal dust and the trucks tease him all the way home.

Back at the yard, the driver takes a broom and brushes Percy down. Then, the driver tells Percy about a load of sugar that needs to be taken to the chocolate factory. Thinking it will be a nice clean job, Percy decides to take the sugar train.

As they approach the factory, Percy skids on some oil, crashes through some buffers and disappears through the factory wall. Percy comes to a stop on the other side of the factory, covered in chocolate. Percy is sure the Fat Controller will be cross with him.

When he sees Percy, the Fat Controller is not cross. In fact, he praises Percy for remembering that usefulness comes before cleanliness. He rewards Percy with a wash-down and a new coat of paint. Percy beams with delight.




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