“Old Bennett...he's the most troublesome truck there is!”

The Most Troublesome Truck is a magazine story.


Thomas is asked by the Fat Controller to take a dirty old troublesome truck named Old Bennett to the canal that is being emptied of rubbish and scrap. Thomas is shocked and nervous, as Old Bennett is known as the 'most troublesome truck there is', and Old Bennett relishes in this, saying he has not been out of the Yard in years, and has never been washed. At the canal Old Bennett gets loaded with rubbish and sludge by a floating crane. Old Bennett enjoys the grime and mess immensely, and gets dirtier and dirtier. But when a small car is loaded into him, the crane operator brings the crane arm back, which catches on the car and pulls Old Bennett off the rails and into the water. Soon enough Old Bennett is rescued, and surprisingly comes out much cleaner than he was before, and he says it was the best day out he has ever had. The Fat Controller decides that he ended up being really useful, so organises for him to be repainted and shown off. Thomas later brings him into a station to be displayed, and comments on how Old Bennett was first too dirty to work, and now he is too clean.