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De Agostini has published many different magazine series. In 2004, the company made a Thomas and Friends magazine series. Each issue focused on a certain place and had activities related to it. It would also come with a plastic character or destination and a piece of track with some activities related to that character. Once all issues were collected, the track would form a layout.


Rolling Stock

Other Characters


Subscription Items

  • Playmat
  • Magazine Binder
  • Train Storage Box
  • Backpack with Whistle


  • Most of the models appear to be based on their ERTL counterparts.
  • Duke's model has buffers and is missing the lining on his tender.
  • Donald and Douglas' tenders are undersized.
  • Stepney's siderods are white instead of red.
  • 'Arry has Diesel's face and only two stripes on his front, and his missing the words "Sodor Ironworks" on his side.
  • Bert's model has red bufferbeams instead of black.
  • The front of Bill and Ben's smokeboxes are yellow instead of black.
  • Diesel 10's bufferbeams are the same colour as his body instead of red.
  • Duck's siderods are black instead of white.
  • BoCo's roof is partially green, when it should be completely white.
  • Oliver and Stepney's wheels are black, when they should be the same colour as their respective bodies.
  • The Express Coaches have four wheels instead of eight.



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