“I'll be the belle of the ball!”

Daisy's Delight is a magazine story.


One day, the Fat Controller tells Daisy that she is to take the Mayor and other passengers to a grand ball at the Town Hall. Daisy feels very proud, but James thinks it is unfair. While Daisy is being polished, she dreams about being the "belle of the ball". James then rolls up and complains that he should be taking the Mayor. Daisy remarks that James' nasty soot and smoke would make the passengers' clothes dirty. James fumes even more when he is ordered to collect a heavy load of fruit and vegetables from the market.

Later Daisy rolls smoothly out of the station. Daisy soon has to stop at a signal where she meets James, who is on his way back from the market. James stops sharply and the trucks are being troublesome. They bump and bounce so much that some tomatoes fly out and land on Daisy, who thinks that James covered her in tomatoes on purpose. Daisy is upset; she cannot possibly go to the grand ball covered in big red marks. James now feels sorry for Daisy and instructs her to follow him.

James takes Daisy on a shortcut down a side-line to the works. When the engines arrive, James asks the drivers to help Daisy. The drivers are more than happy to help clean Daisy and soon she is spotless again. Daisy is very grateful for James' help.




  • The drivers are referred by the American term, "engineers".


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