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DC Super Friends™ San Diego Comic Con Ft. Thomas as Superman & Diesel as Batman is a promotional video that was released on the show's official YouTube channel. The video was made to promote the San Diego Comic Con and the DC Super Friends Minis theme.


Diesel and Thomas dream of being super heroes with secret identities, and have to stop the evil crimes of Charlie and James as super villains, respectively.





  • Part of this video is made in the style of a comic book.
  • Annie, Clarabel and Ryan appear, despite not having Minis models of them at the time.
  • Steven Kynman takes over the role of Charlie from Ben Small in the US dub and Ryan from Eddie Redmayne for both dubs.
  • James' face after Thomas captured him resembles his cross face from the model series.
  • The original Thomas theme can be heard at the beginning and the end of the video.
  • The Quote: What Kind of Machine has ears? was used in The Batman 1966 TV Show is said by Charlie.


  • Annie and Clarabel's names are not written on their sides.
  • When Thomas crashes into Sir Topham Hatt's office and defeats James, his number and Superman logo are missing.
  • None of the engines' wheels move when they're supposed to.
  • At the unveiling of Diesel's statue, some engines are on rails while some are not.


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