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“Instead of replacing Cyril with the foghorn, we'll replace the foghorn with Cyril. You're clearly more reliable.”
―The Fat Controller[src]

Cyril the Fogman is a fog signalman who lives in a small old cottage in Misty Valley. Aside from being a fogman, he has also been shown to be a lighthouse keeper and farmhand.


When there is fog about, Cyril puts detonators on the tracks to warn the engines. One time, he was replaced by a foghorn, but saved the day when the foghorn caused a landslide with its vibrations, which crushed the foghorn, and made Thomas crash. Cyril was soon given the job back and has proven to be useful. In the tenth season, he can be seen working with Farmer McColl on McColl Farm. In the eleventh season, he was a lighthouse keeper.


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