“Lord Harry's off at the Summit! We shall have to go and put things right!”
―The Manager, Mountain Engines

Summit Station is the top station of the Culdee Fell Railway. It is located at the summit of Culdee Fell. It is the highest station on Sodor.


The Station is a simple one with two terminal roads and a long platform provided for each. The Hotel stands behind the buffer stops. It is a stoutly built one-storey structure standing just below, and therefore to some extent sheltered by, the Peak. Though dignified by the name of hotel it is, in reality, little more than a cafeteria restaurant for the provision of souvenirs, hot drinks and snacks. There are normally no resident staff, and such over-night accommodationas is provided, is only there for use in dire emergency. Most people, after an interval for refreshment, climb to the terraced roof to enjoy the view, but a better all-round prospect is only to be had from the platform built on the Peak, and reached by a somewhat scramblesome path from the station.

Lord Harry derailed at the summit, stranding Wilfred and his passengers. After this, the former was stripped off his name and sent to the back of the shed.