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"Stupid things! They're all scared of coming with me!"
— Lord Harry, Danger Points, Mountain Engines
Culdee Fell Railway Coaches

The Culdee Fell Railway owns at least eight coaches, one for each of their engines, and one open-topped coach. For safety reasons, only one coach at a time is taken up the mountain. However, on one occasion, Culdee pushed two coaches during his trial run.

One day, a coach was frightened by Lord Harry, who was acting reckless. However, he derailed at the Summit, blocking Wilfred from going down and leading to his comeuppance.


  • So far, Catherine is the only known coach to have a name.
  • In the magazines, Culdee has been portrayed pulling coaches instead of pushing them. Some magazines also depict them as branch line coaches.


Culdee Fell Railway rolling stock
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