“You look as if you've seen a ghost, Percy!"
"I just heard the sound of the phantom piper with his wailing bagpipes! W-wait for m-me! I'm not going on that creepy causeway on my own!”
―Gordon teasing Percy

Creepy Causeway is a magazine story.


It is New Year's Eve and Lord Callan is having a party. The Fat Controller tells Gordon he is to pick up the guests. Then, Harvey crosses the yard and his hooks swings out and hits Percy's whistle. When Percy tests it, it sounds very spooky. Percy then warns Gordon about the Loch Ness Monster on the causeway by Lord Callan's castle. Gordon dismisses Percy's warning and goes to pick up passengers. Percy hides in the mist on the causeway and when Gordon approaches, he blows his broken whistle. Gordon knows its Percy and at Callan's Castle, Gordon asks Lord Callan to play his bagpipes, which scares Percy, much to Gordon's delight.



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