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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the DVD, the magazine story, the 2011 magazine story, or the book.
"I'm sorry, sir. I was..."
"You are causing confusion and delay! The Duke and Duchess have no wood, straw bales, or eggs. Now I see you have them all here.
Cranky is broken and you, Thomas, think it's a good time to try being a bird!
— Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt
Creaky Cranky

Greg Tiernan


Nicole Stinn


Sharon Miller


Michael Angelis
Michael Brandon

Air date

January 25th,
2010 (UK)
February 5,
2010 (AUS)
April 7th,
2010 (JAP)
September 4th,
2010 (US)
August 21st,
2011 (NOR)

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Best Friends

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The Lion of Sodor

Creaky Cranky is the first episode of the thirteenth season.


It is the day of the spring party at the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House. Thomas arrives at Brendam Docks to collect eggs for the children to paint when he sees James and Henry leaving with their loads for the party. Once Cranky unloads the box of eggs, Thomas teases Cranky by calling him "Creaky Cranky", and Cranky teases Thomas back by calling him "Tiny Thomas".

Thomas decides to prove Cranky that he can pull heavy loads by collecting James' load of timber and Henry's load of straw bales and taking them back to the Docks. In return, Cranky lifts the respective loads one at a time proving to Thomas that he is not creaky. However, when Thomas tells Cranky to lift him, Cranky only succeeds in breaking his cable and damaging his gearing system.

The Fat Controller arrives and scolds both Thomas and Cranky for causing delay and being very silly. Once Thomas is back on the rails again, he asks Spencer to take the heavy loads to the party whilst he helps Cranky by collecting new parts from the Sodor Steamworks.

When Thomas returns with the new parts, he knows that Cranky is not creaky and, in return, Cranky knows that Thomas is not tiny at all.




  • This was the first episode of several things:
  • The scene in the original Hero of the Rails trailer where Victor says, "You have come to the right place, my friend" is from this episode.
  • Buster's theme from Thomas and the Moles when he flattens the molehills reappears in this episode when Thomas is on his way to the Steamworks.


  • When Cranky lowers Thomas back onto the track, he is on the middle track. Then when Thomas says "Thank you!" to Spencer, he is on the track closest to Cranky.
  • Thomas' flatbed disappears when he arrives at the Steamworks.
  • When Thomas returns to Brendam, Cranky isn't tilted.
  • In the first view of the wash down, James' flatbed is empty.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Welsh Cranky y Craen Creaky Cranky the Creaky Crane
Danish Knirkende Cranky Creaking Cranky
Norwegian Knirke-Cranky Creaky-Cranky
Brazilian Portuguese Cranky e seus Rangidos Cranky and his Creaking
Japanese ガタガタクランキー Rattled Cranky
German Knirschender Cranky Crunching Cranky
Swedish Gnisslande Gnällis Squeaking Cranky
Finnish Nariseva Niilo Creaking Cranky
Polish Skrzypiący Karolek Creaky Cranky
Italian Cranky Scricchiolio Creaky Cranky
Chinese 克兰奇吱嘎响 Cranky's Crunching Sound
Korean 삐거덕 크랭키 Ppigeudeok Cranky-Butt
Greek Ο τριζατος Κρανκι The Creak Cranky
Czech Mrzout Klika Misanthrope Cranky
Russian Скрипучий Крэнки Squeaky Cranky
Hungarian Cranky csikorog Cranky's Screeching
Indonesian Creaky Cranky Creaky Cranky
Romanian Cranky Scârțâie Cranky's Creak
Serbian Škripko čekrk Creaky Cranky
Spanish Cranky Rechinante Creaky Cranky
Slovak Mrzutý žeriav Annoying Crane
Catalan Rondinaire grinyolaire Grumpy Cranky
Thai แคร้งกี้รับคำท้า Cranky's Challenge

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