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This article is about 'the Story Library book'. You may be looking for 'the crane or the Engine Adventures book'.
“Now move out of the way, you mites, I need to get to those trucks
―Cranky after being rescued

Cranky (later re-titled Thomas and Percy to the Rescue) is the seventh book in the My Thomas Story Library series.


Thomas and Percy are annoyed with a new crane named Cranky who calls the little engines "useless little bugs". The big engines stick up for Cranky and one stormy night a ship runs aground straight into the shed trapping the big engines and knocking Cranky over. Thomas and Percy come the rescue and prove that they are not "useless bugs".



  • This book is based on the fifth season episode, Cranky Bugs.
  • This book once came free with a Thomas magazine.
  • Cranky actually told the Fat Controller that Thomas and Percy had actually ignored what he told them to do.
  • Henry is absent in the tramp steamer scene unlike the episode that this book is based on.
  • It is daylight when Thomas and Percy come to rescue Cranky.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Finnish Niilo
Japanese クランキー