“Ouch! They're pinching me!”
―Cranky as the crabs attack him

Crabby Cranky! is a magazine story.


Early one morning, the Fat Controller asks Henry to go to the docks to pick up a special delivery. When he arrives, the harbourmaster is telling Cranky about a boat which has just arrived full of fresh crabs. He tells him that the fisherman will pack the crabs into boxes and then Cranky is to lift them into Henry's trucks. He warns Cranky not to lift too many boxes at once. Cranky thinks he can lift all of the boxes at once. Unfortunately, the rope holding the boxes together snaps and Cranky drops the crabs. The boxes burst open and the crabs scuttle around all over the docks. The crabs then start pinching Cranky. The harbourmaster has no sympathy for Cranky. As the crabs scurry back into the sea, Henry laughs and laughs.


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