“I'm striped like a Bengal Tiger. The Bengal Tiger is our national animal, it is found only in India. So it maybe strange to you, but not to us!”
―Coran to Thomas[src]
Coran is an Indian well-tank engine, whom Thomas once met during his visit to India. He was dressed up as a Bengal Tiger for the "Black Beauty" contest.


When Thomas met the engine, he thought Coran's livery is "strange". This slightly offended Coran as his livery is based on their national animal, the Bengal Tiger, and huffed away after explaining, though Thomas did not mean to upset him. Coran, Rajinda and Abiar later appeared together in the Black Beauty Contest and helped Thomas be decorated for the contest.

Technical Details


Coran appears to be a custom-built design.


Coran is orange with black tiger stripes, and with whiskers on his face and an orange funnel top and orange headlamp and tiger ears on his smokebox.




  • He is a steam engine, but appears to have a horn on his roof. He also appears to be a tender engine, but for some reason seems to lack the tender itself.
  • He is the third engine to have a moustache, the first being Earnest and the second being Iron Duke.


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