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Collectible Railway is a merchandise range by Fisher-Price that is in exclusively sold in Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, The Philippines, The Middle East, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, South China, South Korea and Vietnam.






Rolling Stock


  • Thomas Classics (Includes Thomas, Annie, Clarabel and a blue coal truck)
  • Steamworks Repair (Includes Thomas, Victor, Kevin and an orange truck with boiler)
  • Percy's Mail Delivery (Includes Percy, Charlie, a mail coach and a red truck with mailbags)
  • Search and Rescue (Includes Philip, red truck with blue barrel, Harold and Butch)

Track Packs

  • Straight Track Pack
  • Curved Track Pack
  • Switch Track Pack



  • The engine models are modified from the Take-n-Play range, with hook-and-loop couplers, similar to the ERTL range, but they rotate 360 degrees. This designs would later be re-used for the Adventures range on a global scale.
  • Ferdinand, Henry, prototype Emily, prototype Hiro and prototype Spencer are incorrectly depicted with Fowler tenders.
  • Edward and Henry are incorrectly depicted as 2-6-0 engines, Gordon is depicted as a 0-6-2 and Hiro, Spencer, Belle, Connor, Caitlin and Mike are given a 2-6-2 wheel arrangement.
  • For promotion, in India, the toys are sold with DVDs of Thomas and Friends Movies: Sets - Blue Mountain Mystery and Engines - King of the Railway.
  • Like his 2014 Take-n-Play model, Kevin has rail wheels.
  • Some of the rolling stock has been released in multiple different colours.
  • The 'Stanley in Space' model was based on the YouTube video "A Toy Train In Space".
  • Belle's model has blue buffers.