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“Sometimes, climbing takes teamwork for engines too!”
―Peter Sam

Climb Time! is a magazine story.


Peter Sam is happily travelling through the lakes and mountains of the Skarloey Railway when he spots two climbers on a tall, rocky crag. Peter Sam watches with interest as both climbers manage to navigate their way to the top. Peter Sam hopes they can get down okay, but his driver assures them that they work as a team to help each other and they have come from a climbing school.

When Peter Sam pulls into the next station, he meets Skarloey who is bringing more climbers and their specialist equipment. Just then, Harold flies overhead. He tells the engines that he's on patrol in case of trouble. Peter Sam is glad to hear it with all the climbers about.

Peter Sam takes on more coal before heading for Mountain Village Station. On his way, he has to climb a steep hill. He has climbed the hill before, but this time something is wrong. No matter how hard he puffs, he cannot do it. Smoke and sparks splutter from his funnel; he is burning bad coal. Peter Sam thinks he will have to go back to the last station, but then Skarloey arrives. He offers to help Peter Sam and he carefully pushes to the top of the hill. Peter Sam realises that sometimes climbing takes teamwork for engines, too.



  • The lining on Peter Sam's coal bunker is yellow instead of red throughout the story.

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