“We're travelling along, singing a song, tra-la-la-la-lay!"
"Stop that terrible noise. You sound like a cracked engine whistle.”
―Clarabel and the New Coach

Clarabel's New Friend is a magazine story.


Annie and Clarabel are best friends, but like all friends, sometimes they fall out. One day, Clarabel starts boasting about being able to carry passengers, luggage and a guard. This does not go down well with Annie who accuses Clarabel of rattling. The argument continues all day.

The coaches decide that they no longer want to be friends so when Annie is sent for repairs to her buffers, Clarabel is happy; she will have another coach to be friends with. The replacement carriage is new and does not like being coupled to Clarabel. The new coach is very rude, but Clarabel tries her best to win her over. Clarabel tries singing as they roll along, but the rude new coach accuses her of sounding like a cracked whistle. It is not long before Clarabel wishes that Annie was back.

Clarabel is pleased to see Annie waiting for her back at the station. The pair vow to stop arguing and be best friends forever as Annie is coupled up behind Clarabel. The two coaches sing to show how happy they are as they rattle along behind Thomas.




  • It is said that Annie is coupled behind Clarabel, but Clarabel is always at the back of Thomas' train.
  • Annie and Clarabel's undercarriage, bufferbeams, roofs, buffers, and wheels are not coloured.


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