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Christopher Vere Awdry (born 2nd July, 1940) is an English writer who wrote the Railway Series from 1983 to 2011. He is the son of Wilbert Awdry, the man who originally created the Railway Series, and was partly responsible for the creation of the books.


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  • Christopher Awdry also wrote a series of books about the engines of the Eastbourne Miniature Railway.
  • Christopher has stated that his favourite character is Toby.
  • Christopher Awdry wrote a book promoting restoration work on the Corris Railway, based on real events called "Hugh goes Sliding". It was illustrated by railway transport artist Johnathan Clay.
  • In Sodor: Reading Between the Lines he stated that Thomas Goes Fishing, Dirty Objects, Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady and Thomas Comes to Breakfast were some of his favourite stories. He also added that Thomas Goes Fishing and Thomas Comes to Breakfast were also some of his father's favourite stories as well.

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